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Липопротеиды low density are grasped from blood by cages of fabrics with the help липопротеидных receptors,

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, liberate for needs of cages cholesterol and collapse in лизосомах. In case of superfluous accumulation in blood липопротеидов low density, they are grasped by macrophages and other leukocytes. These cages, accumulating метаболически низкоактивные cholesterol aethers, become one of components of atherosclerotic plaques of vessels.

Липопротеиды high density transport superfluous cholesterol and its aethers from fabrics in a liver where they turn to bilious acids which are deduced from an organism. Besides, липопротеиды high density are used for synthesis of steroid hormones in adrenal glands. Both simple, and difficult липидные molecules can be synthesised in an organism, except for nonsaturated линолевой, линоленовой and арахидоновой fat acids which should arrive with food.

These irreplaceable acids are a part of molecules фосфолипидов. From арахидоновой acids are formed простагландины, простациклины, тромбоксаны, лейкотриены.

Absence or insufficient receipt in an organism of irreplaceable fat acids leads to a growth inhibition, infringement of function of kidneys, skin diseases, barreness. Biological value food липидов is defined by presence in them of irreplaceable fat acids and their comprehensibility. Butter and pork fat are acquired on 93 – 98beef – on 80 – 94sunflower-seed oil – on 86-90margarine – on 94-98.

Exchange of carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the basic energy source, and also carry out in an organism plastic functions, during glucose oxidation intermediate products – пентозы which are a part нуклеотидов and nucleinic acids are formed.

Glucose is necessary for synthesis of some amino acids, synthesis and

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липидов, полисахаридов. The Human body receives carbohydrates mainly in the form of vegetative полисахарида starch and in a small amount in the form of an animal полисахарида гликогена.

cheap xenical a gastroenteric path their splitting to level моносахаридов glucose, fructose, lactoses, галактозы is carried out.

Моносахариды, glucose is basic of which, are soaked up in blood and through воротную a vein arrive in a liver. Here fructose and галактоза turn to glucose.

Endocellular concentration of glucose in гепатоцитах is close to its concentration in blood. At is xenical over the counter receipt it фосфорилируется also turns to a liver of glucose in reserve формуее storages – гликоген. The quantity гликогена can make at the adult person 150 – 200 In case of restriction of consumption of food, at decrease in level of glucose in blood there is a splitting гликогена and glucose receipt in blood.

Within the first 12 hours and more after food intake podderzha-nie concentration of glucose of blood it is provided at the expense of

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гликогена in a liver. After an exhaustion of stocks гликогена synthesis of the enzymes providing reactions глюконеогенеза – синтезаглюкозы from лактата or amino acids amplifies.

On the average for days the person consumes 400 – 500 г carbohydrates of which usually 350 – 400 г makes starch, and 50 100 г – mono- and дисахариды. Surplus of carbohydrates is deposited in the form of fat. Exchange of water and mineral substances The water maintenance in an organism of the adult person averages 73,23 from weight of a body. The water balance of an organism is supported at the expense of equality of volumes потерьводы and its receipts in an organism.

The daily requirement for water fluctuates from 21 to 43 mlkg on the average 2400 ml and is satisfied at the expense of water inflow at drink 1200 ml, with food 900 ml and the water formed in an organism during exchange processes эндогенной waters 300 ml. The Same quantity

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water is deduced as a part of urine 1400 ml, кала 100 ml, by means of evaporation from a surface of a skin and respiratory ways 900 ml.

The requirement of an organism for water depends on character of a food. At a food by mainly carbohydrate and fat food and at small receipt NaCl of requirement for water it is less. The food rich with fibers, and also the raised reception xenical for weight loss salt cause the big requirement for water which is necessary for экскреции osmotically active substances urea and mineral ions. Insufficient receipt in an organism xenical medication water or its superfluous loss lead дегидратации that is accompanied by a blood condensation, its deterioration реологических properties and haemodynamics infringement.

The lack of a water organism of volume of 20 from xenical order online of a body conducts by a lethal outcome. Superfluous water inflow in an organism or decrease in its volumes deduced from an organism, leads to a water intoxication. As a result of hypersensibility of nervous cages and the nervous centres to reduction осмолярности the water intoxication can be accompanied by muscular spasms.

The exchange of water and mineral ions in an organism are closely interconnected that is caused by necessity of maintenance of osmotic

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at rather order xenical level in the extracellular environment and in cages.

Realisation of some physiological processes excitation, synoptic transfer, muscle reduction is impossible without maintenance in a cage and in the extracellular environment of certain concentration NaToSa2i xenical generic other mineral ions. All of them should arrive in an organism with food. A food Initial material for creation of a living tissue and its constant updating, and also a unique energy source for the person and animals is the food.

Therefore the balanced diet is the major factor providing health of the person.