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Crystals of ice which are formed at freezing of fabrics, destroy cellular structures. However some animals are capable to restore the ability to live after defrosting. At temperatures above 45С occurs денатурация fibers, i. in these conditions organism functioning is impossible.

The temperature is capable to influence a living tissue metabolism as speed of biochemical reactions depends on temperature. Dependence of speed of chemical reaction on temperature is described by the equation of Arreniusa. At studying of influence what is the dosage for valtrex temperature for speed of reaction it is possible by comparison of this speed at two different temperatures to define temperature factor.

The difference of temperatures equal 10С, became a standard range on which define temperature sensitivity of biological systems. In this case the temperature factor designated О10.

Count from the equation of Vant-Goffa. According to a rule of Vant-Goffa speed of chemical reactions increases at rise in temperature on 10С approximately in 2-3 times. In fauna there are some basic ways of reaction to external temperature. At пойкилотермных холоднокровных animals whom concern the majority беспозвоночных and the lowest позвоночных, body temperature depends on ambient temperature.

Intensity of power processes and activity level пойкилотермных organisms are defined by environment temperature fig. A picture i_028. jpg At пойкилотермиых animals body temperature is close to air temperature.

Гомойотермные keep body temperature at rather constant level in a wide range of temperatures of air In the course of evolution at mammals and birds ability to keep identical temperature of internal parts of a body was developed, despite its changes in environment thermoregulation that provides a relative constancy of metabolic processes and does an organism less dependent on external changes.

Such organisms are called гомойотермными warm-blooded, they are distinguished from пойкилотермиых the organisms close on weight, by much higher level of a power exchange and level of activity rather independent of ambient temperature.

Intensity of an exchange of energy on a mass unit of a body at гомойотермных animals even after destruction of the centres of thermoregulation at least in 3 times exceeds intensity of an exchange at пойкилотермиых at identical temperature. As гомойотермные organisms

what is the dosage for valtrex

maintain constant temperature and consequently, constant level of activity irrespective of the surrounding temperature, they have the superiority over пойкилотермными animals.

At the same time, пойкилотермия gives priority in that case when food resources are limited or subject to seasonal changes.

There are animals who possess ability to pass for some time from гомойотермного conditions in пойкилотермное and on the contrary. Such transition is observed at the animals running into hibernation marmots, gophers, sleepyheads, etc.paternal they have received the name гетеротермных.

Гетеротермия is a special condition at which гомойотермные animals for a while switch off thermoregulation and the temperature of their body decreases to limits, excellent approximately on ГС from environment.

Гетеротермия is the property got in the course of evolution later, than гомойотермия, and has great value for the organism adaptation to adverse conditions for example, to a lack of valtrex to treat cold sores, water.

Animals can be classified also on those sources of heat which they use for body temperature maintenance. Эктотермные, for example reptiles, use for this purpose external heat; эндотермные, and in particular the person, use warmly metabolic origin. Body temperature and thermal balance Possibility of processes of ability to live is limited by a narrow limit of temperature of the internal environment in which there can be the basic ферментативные reactions.

For the person body temperature decrease more low 25 and its increase above 43as a rule, mortally, nervous cages are especially sensitive to temperature changes. Body temperature depends on two factors intensity of formation of heat теплопродукции and sizes of losses of heat теплоотдачи. The main condition of maintenance of a constant that-peratury of a body гомойотермных animals including the person, achievement of steady balance теплопродукции and tep-lootdachi is.

Such balance is described by equation MEHEtEK-EKSО, where M – metabolic теплопродукция; Ея – radiation; ЕТ – теплопроведение; Ек – конвекция; Ет – evaporation; S – heat accumulation; plus means inflow, a minus – теплоотдачу. Heat can be received or given by radiation, теплопроведения and конвекции depending on environmental conditions. Warm it is always formed as a by-product of the biochemical reactions proceeding in an organism, therefore cold sore valtrex dosage metabolism always has a positive sign, and evaporation – negative.

Opposite reaction – condensation practically does not influence thermal balance at the person. All liberated in an organism at biological oxidation of nutrients energy finally turns to heat. The more intensively course of exchange processes, the is more теплообразование in an organism. Speed of biological oxidation increases at temperature increase.

Interdependence of exchange processes and теплообразования does not lead to self-acceleration of size of an exchange and temperatures as the body temperature gain is accompanied by increase in return of heat. The optimum parity теплопродукции and теплоотдачи is provided with set of the physiological processes named thermoregulation. Distinguish chemical and physical thermoregulation.

Chemical thermoregulation This kind of regulation of temperature is carried out at the expense of change of level of a metabolism that conducts to increase or fall of formation of heat in an organism. Total теплопродукция in an organism develops of the primary warmth allocated during reactions constantly proceeding in all fabrics of a metabolism, and the secondary warmth formed at an expenditure of energy макроэргических of connections on performance of certain work.

Intensity of metabolic processes неодинакова in various bodies and fabrics, therefore their contribution to the general теплопродукцию is inadequate. Heat greatest quantity is formed in muscles at their pressure and reduction. Heat formation in muscles under these conditions has received the name сократительного термогенеза. Сократительный термогенез is the basic mechanism additional теплообразования at the adult person. Newborns, and also for small mammals have a mechanism accelerated теплообразования at the expense of increase of speed of oxidation of fat acids of brown fat which is located in межлопаточной areas, along large vessels of chest and belly cavities, medication for cold sores valtrex occipital area of a

what is the dosage for valtrex


Such shade to it is given numerous, in comparison with a white fatty fabric, by the terminations of sympathetic nervous fibres and митохондрии, containing in cages of this fabric. The weight of a brown fatty fabric reaches at the adult of 0,1 of weight of a body. At children the maintenance of brown fat more than at adults.