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Setchenov that has allowed to extend a reflex principle and to mental activity of the person. Idea I. Setchenov have received experimental acknowledgement in I. Pavlovas works which has developed a method of an objective estimation of functions of the higher departments of a brain –

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method of conditioned reflexes. Pavlov has shown that all reflex reactions can be divided on two groups unconditional and conditional.

Unconditioned reflexes 1. Congenital, наследственно transferred reactions, the majority of them start to function at once after a birth. Are specific, i. are peculiar to all representatives of the given kind. Are constant and remain during all life.

Are carried out at the expense of the lowest departments TSNS subcrustal kernels, a brain trunk,

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spinal cord. Arise in reply to the adequate irritations operating on defined рецептивное a field. Conditioned reflexes 1. The reactions got in the course of individual life. Individual. Are changeable – can arise and disappear. Are mainly function of a bark of the big hemispheres.

Arise on any irritants, действущие on different рецептивные fields. Unconditioned reflexes can be simple and difficult. Difficult congenital is unconditional-reflex reactions are called as instincts.

Their prominent feature is chain character of reactions. The conditioned reflex is a difficult multicomponent reaction which is developed on the basis of unconditioned reflexes with use of a previous indifferent irritant. It has alarm character, and the organism meets influence of an unconditional irritant by the prepared.

For example, during the prestarting period there is a blood redistribution, breath and blood circulation strengthening and when muscular loading begins, the organism already is prepared for it. Rules of development of conditioned reflexes For conditioned reflex development it is necessary 1. наличие two irritants, one of which unconditional food, a painful irritant, etc.causing is lasix for sale reaction, and another – conditional alarm, signalling about forthcoming unconditional irritation light, a sound, a kind of food and etc.

; 2. многократное a combination of conditional and unconditional irritants though conditioned reflex formation is possible at their unitary combination; 3. условный the irritant should precede action of the unconditional; 4. в quality of a conditional irritant any irritant of the external or internal environment which should be whenever possible indifferent can be used, not cause defensive reaction, not possess excessive force and is capable to draw attention; 5.

безусловный the irritant should be strong enough, otherwise time communication will not be generated; 6. возбуждение from an unconditional irritant should be stronger, than from conditional; 7.

необходимо to eliminate lasix for swelling irritants as they can cause conditioned reflex braking; 8. животное at which the conditioned reflex is developed, should be healthy. при the motivation should be expressed conditioned reflex development, for example, at development food слюноотделительного a reflex the animal should be hungry, at full – this reflex is not developed fig.

A picture i_035. jpg Conditioned reflexes are easier for developing on influences ecologically close to a given animal. In this connection

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reflexes share on natural and artificial.

Natural conditioned reflexes are developed on agents who under natural conditions operate together with an irritant causing an unconditioned reflex for example, a food kind, lasix 12.5 mg smell and etc. All other conditioned reflexes artificial, i.

are developed on agents, in norm not connected with action of an unconditional irritant, for example, food слюноотделительный a reflex on a call.