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Hence, herpes medicine valtrex filtrational pressure represents a difference between hydrostatic pressure of blood in capillaries and the sum онкотического pressure of plasma of blood and intranephritic pressure.

Thus, filtrational pressure makes 70 30 20 20 mm hg The quantitative characteristic of process of a filtration is speed клубочковой filtrations which is defined by comparison of concentration of certain substance in plasma of blood and urine. Substances which are physiologically inert, nontoxical, not contacting fibers in blood plasma, not реабсорбирующиеся in nephritic канальцах and allocated with urine only by a filtration are for this purpose used.

Such substance is fructose polymer инулин. In an organism человекаинулин it is not formed, therefore for measurement of speed клубочковой filtrations enter it intravenously.

Measured with the help инулина speed клубочковой filtrations is called also as factor of clarification from инулина, or a road clearance инулина. The road clearance shows, what volume of plasma in ml was cleared entirely of the given substance for 1 genital herpes valtrex Comparing road clearances of other substances to a road clearance инулина, it is possible to define the processes participating in allocation of these substances with urine.

If the substance road clearance is equal to

herpes medicine valtrex

road clearance инулина, hence this substance only is filtered. If the road clearance of substance is more than road clearance инулина, this substance means is allocated not only at the expense of a filtration, but also secretion. If the road clearance of substance is less than road clearance инулина, substance after a filtration реабсорбируется.

In clinic for definition of speed клубочковой filtrations usually use эндогенный метаболит креатинин which concentration in blood is

herpes medicine valtrex


Креатинин it leaves from blood basically a way клубочковой filtrations, but in very small quantities секретируется, therefore its road clearance – less cold sore valtrex dosage indicator, than a road clearance инулина.

Nevertheless it is widely used in clinic as for its measurement intravenous introduction is not required. In norm at men speed клубочковой filtrations makes 125 mlmines, and at women – 110 mlminutes Канальцевая реабсорбция Primary urine turns in final thanks to processes which occur in nephritic канальцах and collective tubules.

In a kidney of the person for days 150 180 l of a filtrate, or primary urine are formed, and allocated 1,0 – 1,5 l of urine. Other liquid is soaked up in канальцах valtrex treatment for shingles collective tubules.

Канальцевая реабсорбция is a process of the return всасывания water and substances from containing in a gleam канальцев urine in a lymph and blood.

The basic sense реабсорбции consists in keeping to an organism all vital substances in necessary quantities. The return всасывание occurs in all departments нефрона. The Great bulk of molecules реабсорбируется in проксимальном department нефрона. Here almost completely реабсорбируются amino acids, glucose, vitamins, fibers, microcells, a significant amount of ions herpes medicine valtrexСl- НСО3-и many other substances. In a loop of Genle, дистальном department канальца and collective tubules

herpes medicine valtrex

and water are soaked up.

Earlier considered that реабсорбция in проксимальной parts канальца is obligatory and noncontrollable. Now it is proved that it is regulated as nervous, and гуморальными by factors.

The return всасывание various substances in канальцах can

herpes medicine valtrex

passively and actively. Passive transport occurs without an energy expense on electrochemical, concentration or osmotic gradients. By means of passive transport it is carried out реабсорбция waters, chlorine, urea. Active transport name carrying over of substances against electrochemical and concentration gradients.

And distinguish initially-active and again-aktivnyjtransport. Initially-active transport occurs to an expense of energy of a cage. As an example carrying over of ions Na by means of enzyme NaTo -АТФазы, using energy АТФ serves.

At again-active transport substance carrying over is carried out at the expense of energy of transport of other substance. The mechanism of again-active transport реабсорбируются glucose and amino acids. Glucose. It arrives from a gleam канальца in cages проксимального канальца by means of a special carrier which should attach necessarily ion Na. Moving of this complex in a cage is carried out passively on electrochemical and concentration gradients for ions Na.

Low concentration натрияв to a cage, creating a gradient of its concentration between the external and endocellular environment, is provided with work pump sodium-kalievogo базальной membranes. In a cage this complex breaks up to compound components. In nephritic эпителия high concentration of glucose is created, therefore further on a gradient of concentration glucose passes in интерстициальную a fabric. This process is carried out with participation of a carrier at the expense of the facilitated diffusion.

Further glucose leaves in a blood-groove. In norm at usual concentration of glucose in blood and, accordingly, in primary urine all glucose реабсорбируется. At surplus of glucose in blood so, in primary urine there can be a maximum loading канальцевых transport systems, i.

all molecules-carriers. In this case glucose cannot реабсорбироваться any more and will appear in final urine глюкозурия. This situation is characterised by concept maximum канальцевый transport Тм. To size maximum канальцевого transport there corresponds old concept a nephritic threshold of deducing. For glucose this size makes 10 mmoll.

Substances, реабсорбция which does not depend on their concentration in blood plasma, are called as not threshold.