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Surplus of carbohydrates is deposited in the form of fat. Exchange of water and mineral substances The water maintenance in

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organism of the adult person averages 73,23 from weight of a body.

The water balance of an organism is supported at the expense of equality of volumes потерьводы and its receipts in an organism. The daily requirement for water fluctuates buy cheap clomid online 21 to 43 mlkg on the average 2400 ml and is satisfied at the expense of water inflow at drink 1200 ml, with food 900 ml and the water formed in an organism during exchange processes эндогенной waters 300 ml. The Same quantity of water is deduced as a part of urine 1400 ml, кала 100 ml, by means of evaporation from a surface of a skin and respiratory ways 900 ml.

buy cheap clomid online requirement of an organism for water depends on character of a food. At a food by mainly carbohydrate and fat food and at small receipt NaCl of requirement for water it is less.

The food rich with fibers, and also the raised reception of salt cause the big requirement for water which is necessary for экскреции osmotically active substances urea and mineral ions.

Insufficient receipt in an organism of water or its superfluous loss lead дегидратации that is accompanied by a blood condensation, its deterioration реологических properties and haemodynamics infringement.

The lack of a water organism of volume of 20 from weight of a body conducts by a lethal outcome. Superfluous water inflow in an organism or decrease in its volumes deduced from an organism, leads to a water intoxication. As a result of hypersensibility of nervous cages and the nervous centres to reduction осмолярности the water intoxication can be accompanied by muscular spasms.

The exchange of water and mineral ions in an organism are closely interconnected that is caused by necessity of maintenance of osmotic pressure at rather constant level in the extracellular environment and in cages. Realisation of some physiological processes excitation, synoptic transfer, muscle reduction is impossible without maintenance in a cage and in the extracellular environment of certain concentration NaToSa2i of other mineral buy cheap clomid online.

All of them should arrive in an organism with food. A food Initial material for creation of a living tissue and its constant updating, and also a unique energy source for the person and animals is the food. Therefore the balanced diet is the major factor providing health of the person.

A food is a process of receipt, digestion, всасывания and mastering in an organism of food substances нутриентов. For maintenance of processes of ability to live a food should provide all plastic and organism energy needs.

With food the organism receives the substances necessary for biosynthesis, updating of biological structures. Energy of nutrients arriving in an organism will be transformed and used for synthesis of components of cellular membranes and органелл cages, for performance of mechanical, chemical, osmotic and electric work. Biological and power value of foodstuff is defined by the maintenance in them of nutrients Fibers, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, organic low testosterone clomid, water, aromatic and flavouring substances.

Such properties of nutrients, as their digestibility and comprehensibility have great value. The requirement of an organism for plastic substances can be satisfied by that minimum level of their consumption with food which will counterbalance losses of structural fibers, липидов and carbohydrates at maintenance of power balance.

These requirements are individual and depend on such factors, as age of the person, a state of health, intensity and a work kind.

Theoretical bases of a food Own set of components of the diet, answering to specific features of its metabolism is necessary for each person. According to the theory of the balanced food A. Pokrovsky – a high-grade food is characterised by optimum conformity of quantity and parities of all components of food to physiological requirements of an organism. The accepted food should fill power expenses of the person which are defined as the sum of the basic exchange, specific dynamic action of food and power consumption for performed work taking into account its comprehensibility.

At regular excess of daily caloric content of food over energy expenses there is an increase in quantity of the deposited fat. For example, the daily use a lot of one rich roll 300 kcal within a year can lead to adjournment of fat of 5,4 10,8 kg. In a diet fibers, fats and carbohydrates should be balanced.

The average parity of their power value should make – 153055 that provides power and plastic requirements of an organism. Fibers with irreplaceable and заменимымиаминокислотами, fats with a different saturation of fat acids, carbohydrates with different number мономеров and presence of ballast substances cellulose, pectin, etc.

should be balanced. According to the theory of an adequate food A. Ugolev, conformity of a set of food substances to fermental structure of digestive system is important. In it it is underlined трехэтапность digestion and necessity of individual adequacy of a food to these stages.